Check in a place on your iPhone or iPad anywhere anytime. Take notes, add photo to your check in. Offline Synchronize lets you to mark a place without internet access or data access, particularly convenient when travel abroad.

Multiple Map Style

Multiple Map choice from Apple, Google, Bing, Mapquest. Map style: Terrain, Satelite, Hybrid.



Customize Color

Yes, it's easy to customize the heatmap color. Also you can choose 10 different map pin color for special purpose.


Create a timeline of your past. Easily edit or search the checked-in places.



Street View

Navigate through the street view of your past footprints to recall the good old time.

iCloud Synchronize

iCloud Synchronize automatically runs in the background of the app. Easy to Synchronize footprints between different devices.


Five Star App

  • This is absolutely one of the best travel app in the store, just download it! - Jason.

  • Good app, I travel all over the UK, interesting to see all the places I've visited. - Dare2Disco

  • I have been waiting for an app to record our holiday travels and this app is well on the way. - DJGJEDI

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Download the app and start to check in the place you have been now. Footprint is universal available on both iPhone and iPad

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